The Candidate Perspective

Whether you apply to us directly or you are approached directly by one of our consultants we will arrange to have an informal chat with you.

John Paul consistently drives fabulous results and is an expert in his field. John Paul takes pride in all ofhis assignments and never wastes time, John Paul can always be relied on . His knowledge of retail andluxury brands is excellent and makes a point of knowing his business and ensuring information is correct,summarised and constructive.

Kevin Breese

Meeting our consultants

We insist upon one-to-one interviews but in special circumstances we will be happy to conduct a telephone or SKYPE interview (If you are two hours travelling distance from our office). Our consultants have worked in retail management, are highly trained and have a wide array of experience within the recruitment industry. You are in good hands.

For job seekers and candidates new to the market things can look a bit daunting. Our frequently asked questions section should make things clear:

So why have you approached me?

Your name will have been referred to us by a colleague, a group of market researchers who, either by discreet store visits or recommendation, look for suitable individuals for specific retail projects we are working on.

Will my employer find out?

No, Retail Search Consultancy is focused on providing a professional and confidential service to all our candidates. We work to strict Database Protection legislation to ensure your details remain confidential.

Why should I apply to Retail Search Consultancy for a position or work with you, as opposed to approaching companies directly?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t do both. Much of the work we handle is assignment work, where the company has asked us to run a campaign for them. In such cases, it would be inappropriate to also apply to the company. At the interview stage, you will find that our consultant will ask to whom you have already applied. They will then tell you which companies we are working with and discuss the likelihood, or otherwise, of there being a match with your skills and experience. You will know to which companies your details have been sent.

Why can't you tell me over the phone which companies you are working for?

One of the reasons companies use us in the first place is that they require us to do the initial screening prior to interviews. It can happen that candidates, for reasons best known to themselves, apply directly to the client, particularly if we have had to turn down their application over the phone. The administration of recruitment advertising response is a major task and one that the client has asked us to handle, therefore, as a matter of policy we cannot discuss client identity over the phone unless we have already met with the candidate.

Do you always respond to job applications and provide interview feedback?

Yes, always! Indeed, we try to ensure that every application received is answered within 24 hours of receipt. Whether you are offered a position or unsuccessful at interview feedback is ALWAYS provided.

What happens at my interview?

If this is done on a face-to-face basis your interview will commence at the appointed time. You should allow at least an hour for the interview – longer if any testing is taking place. All our consultants are highly trained interviewers and we hope that you will enjoy meeting us. Our approach will be fairly informal. Do remember, however, that we are representing clients and you should treat the interview or a telephone interview in the same way you would approach one directly with the client company.

Do I have to attend an interview in order for you to help me?

Yes. Only in very exceptional circumstances can we submit details of a candidate to a client without having met them. We have to assume that if candidates cannot attend interviews with us then they are unlikely to attend client interviews. In any event, since this is the first stage of the recruitment process, it will usually be essential for you to meet or hold a detailed chat with us first.

And finally…

As a professional person yourself, I’m sure you will appreciate how valuable our time is. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep your appointment with us please let us know as there are always other candidates waiting to see us.

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Retail Search Consultancy provide retail management candidates and have worked with a number of leading retailers since we established the business in 2008.


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