I have known John Paul for over 10 years and have had the pleasure of working with him during our timeat RHR. John Paul then became my client whilst I was at InRetail when he joined FPS in 2004. He became aclient again when he set up his own recruitment consultancy company in 2008 which has gone from strengthto strength. John Paul really understand the retail market and is very knowledgeable about retailers, theirneeds and the challenges they face. He has a strong network of contacts and clients, which is testament to thejob he does in finding candidates the right position to suit them and likewise helping retailers fill the positionsthat they really struggle with. He likes the challenge of those hard to fill roles and still has the desire anddetermination to do everything in his power to find the right candidate. As well as being well regarded in theindustry and always endeavouring to do his best, he is also able to have a laugh along the way. A good guyoverall, highly recommended and worth speaking with if you need a highly experienced recruiter with anexcellent understanding of the retail market